Create unparalleled
VR experiences

The SpherePlay Experience Manager, combined with the VR Player,
empowers publishers and advertisers with a comprehensive set of management, customization and analytics tools to deliver highly interactive and personalized VR experiences.

Boost conversion and engagement

Drive higher conversion rates and extend viewing times with exceptionally engaging and immersive content that keep your audience coming back for more.

Reduce video production costs

All the tools and flexibility you need to quickly create high quality VR experiences at no additional cost and without any advanced technical skills.

Features you’ll love

Real-time customization
Real-time customization of elements such as backgrounds, Twitter feeds and advertising based on gaze, interest, demographics and user profile.
Enrichment layers
Add dynamic and interactive enrichment layers positioned anywhere in the VR/360 experience. For example, display a floating live game scoreboard or a Twitter feed.
Dual-X technology
Incorporate your own video feed into a VR scene and offer both VR and complementary content via a single viewing environment. A user watching a live sports event in VR could, for example, look up to view a replay without stopping the live game.
VR media analytics
Measure the success of your content! Analyse your audience and keep track of distinctive VR key performance indicators.
Interactive VR journey
Tailor an interactive journey by adding hotspots and branching narratives. Link multiple media together and encourage your audience to own and take control of their experience.

SpherePlay API

Our API allows you to leverage the Experience Manager capabilities from your own system in a simple, programmatic way. Create a custom integration fast and easy.

VR Launcher App

Provide single-click access to VR experiences. Use the Experience Manager to create your VR experiences and share with your private audience the unique MediaID. Plug the ID into the VR Launcher app and use it as a tool to instantly test, present and distribute your creations.
Will be soon available on app stores, stay tuned!

Our Publisher Solution

We offer a full stack of VR products for publishers with a completely free VR Player at its core. They’re powerful alone — but even better when used together, as a solution.


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