SpherePlay VR Player

Media player software that powers the new world of immersive, VR, 360°, and High Definition Spherical (HDS) video storytelling.

SpherePlay helps business, enterprise, advertisers, education, professionals, and individuals go beyond traditional video/photo media by providing the "under the hood" media player software technology to deliver high definition spherical video playback experiences and immersive 360° HD live streams to any audience.

SpherePlay's VR Player technologies offer the most customizable immersive media player platform integrations on the market.

SpherePlay - The most customizable VR media player platform and immersive media rendering engine for virtual reality video experiences.

SpherePlay - The most customizable VR media player platform and immersive media rendering engine for virtual reality video experiences.

SpherePlay Everywhere

SpherePlay software powers the delivery your immersive HD spherical media.

Whether outputting photos your audience steps inside of or videos that wrap entirely around their point of view.

We bring your content to life and deliver it to your audience exactly how it was always meant to be seen. No sacrifices.

SpherePlay's VR Player software engine makes it all possible and perfect.

If you are a businesses, SpherePlay provides you with the technology to connect with an audience and deliver your VR experiences via mobile apps, web environments, or full VR headset applications

Open loal content, call up remote experiences via public or discreet URL, or stream in 360° LIVE boradcasts.

SpherePlay supports over 16 different immersive projection geometries in multiple formats of 2D and 3D. We even support delivery of 4K & 8K HD spherical video playback and 360° immersive LIVE streams.

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The Power of SpherePlay VR Player

SpherePlay has currently delivered over 2.5 MILLION immersive experiences to end-users in 145 countires so far... and counting!

The best immersive media player software and native video rendering engine. Built entirely from the ground up. No recycled gaming engines that were not custom built for video delivery. SpherePlay displays all forms of omnidirectional VR media in glorious HD with multiple formats of 2D and 3D capabilities available in over 16 different projection geometries.

SpherePlay is the VR playback solution designed for everyone.


Virtual reality promises new frontiers for creative content artists, business entrepreneurs, performers, teachers, thrill-seekers, advertisers, and cat video enthusiasts alike.


Easy VR. Plan-Integrate-Distribute!
SpherePlay empowers users around the world to easily integrate virtual reality solutions into our lives for business expansion or social impact.


SpherePlay is pioneering feature-rich social VR capabilities to offer unique interactive multi-user immersive experiences with clients, brands, co-workers, friends, and family.


Whether you are a traveler or a travel company, the network will create amazing new opportunities, providing the means to "tele-travel" around the world.


SpherePlay is your main connection to the switchboard of human experiences; an ever-expanding searchable, shareable content network of immersive adventures.


Beyond social, SpherePlay provides the tools to deploy VR solutions for all fields. From architecture and education to advertising and robotics integration.


VR Player by SpherePlay is a cross-platform VR display interface allowing you ultimate exposure and creative freedom.


Built with the future in mind, SpherePlay readily offers both 2D and 3D omnidirectional media options.

The SpherePlay App

Your next immersive experience is one download away. It is powered by VR Player, the best playback engine of its kind.


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