Complete VR platform, basic access for free

SpherePlay’s complete platform enables you to create and share unique VR experiences with your users. By connecting to SpherePlay’s Experience Manager console, you can easily manage your content and adjust any aspect of the VR scene on the fly — even as your users consuming that content. You can effortlessly integrate SpherePlay’s SDK into your existing VR platforms or use the one-click SpherePlay Launcher VR media player to share content instantly.

VR Experience Manager

SpherePlay’s Experience Manager is an online console that enables you to simply log in and begin creating, customizing, and sharing VR content. Intuitive controls guide you through the process of uploading content, sharing the unique MediaID associated with the content, and enriching the VR video experience on the fly — as your users watch the creation.

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SpherePlay’s Dual-Ex technology is a game changer for the broadcast industry. By enabling you to incorporate your own video feed into a VR scene, Dual-Ex significantly reduces upfront costs associated with VR video production and also allows you to offer both VR and complementary content via a single viewing environment. In doing so, you encourage your users to keep their HMDs on and to stay engaged with VR experience. A user watching a live sports event in VR could, for example, look up to view a replay without stopping the live game which continue in the environment.

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SpherePlay Launcher

The SpherePlay Launcher is a packaged version of our SDK with an easy to use UI, offers exceptional video quality and fluidity, and facilitates on-the-fly customization. Launcher empowers you to share immersive VR content with your users in under a minute. By sending end users a unique MediaID that they plug into the Launcher app, you can provide simple single-click access to VR experiences. (Coming Soon)


How it works?

Try it for free! Sign up today to get access to our basic version which include: our Experience Manager to set up your VR scene and manage your medias and our SDK with documentation and examples to help you set up your project.

Our Promise

Maximum Outreach

While the millions of VR headsets distributed globally have the potential to deliver outstanding experiences, you can reach billions of users via mobiles, tablets, browsers, and connected TVs. Deliver to all platforms to reach a global audience.

High-Performance Playback Engine

Lags, jitters, overheating devices, and endless loading time are simply unacceptable in VR. Users will not be engaged in VR experiences – consuming them over and over – that lack quality, fluidity, and enriched interactivity. Deliver smooth and compelling experiences using a native and optimized VR playback engine.

Easy And Painless Transition To VR

Managing both a VR app and a non-VR app to reach your audience is a hassle, and it’s not your only option. Instead, integrate compelling VR experiences into the apps already popular with your viewers. Deliver enhanced experiences along with 360° and traditional content on the platform viewers already use to consume your content.